Café Kanal 2 - 26 av/pril 2011 – 19:45
Stigmatization, creativity and hope

Micro Marché - quai à la Houille 9 Steenkoolkaai – 1000 Brussels

How can we bridge the growing socioeconomic gap between the central urban areas and the rest of the city?
Where are all those unrecognized talents?
How can we stimulate young people from those areas to believe in their own capabilities?
How can they develop their self-respect and take their future into their own hands?
What ‘new schools’ do we need to achieve this?
How can creativity and enterprise be maximized?
Where are the people with guts, daring and ambition?
What are the dreams?


19:45 Welcome

20:00 Introduction
Saïd Al-Haddad (Master of Ceremony)

20:05 Presentations

>Jonathan Unger
researcher for the Centre Régional d'Appui à la Cohésion sociale (CBAI – CRAcs)

>Simon Minlend
Youth-worker on both sides of the Kanal with some not very classical projects.

>Bilal Jouhand & Mohamed Ibrir
Two youngsters from the neighbourhood ... working on their future.

>Virginie Losson
Virginie coordinates the Boost Your Talent-project.

>Caroline Claus
Caroline enables youngsters to work on their “public space”.

>Pierre Pirard

After a career in the financial sector Pierre has started working as a teacher in a positive discrimination school.

>Hamid Riahi
A non-academic approach “how to become a musician”.

>Mohamed Maalen & Tom Flachet
Another way of becoming the new Mohamed Ali?

Kanal Dreams
>Malika Aberkan
A woman with dreams for the future, also for her children.

Kanal Politik
>Bart Van de Ven (FR+NL = Het Werkt! Ca Marche!).
>Arnaud Pinxteren (Ecolo)
And what's happening politically ?  

21: 20 It's up to U.

Any questions?
Any suggestions?
Were are the dreams?

Let's have a drink together.