Café Kanal 1 - 4 April 2011 – 19.45
Water, squares, streets, parks... of the imagination.

Ecole de Cirque de Bruxelles - rue Picardstraat 11 (Tour & Taxis) – 1000 Brussels

How do we deal with a city that is constantly changing, a city that is alive and dynamic?
Which new squares, streets and parks are planned or will be given a new lease of life?
How strongly do the ‘big’ projects along the canal differ from the ‘small’ projects in the different neighbourhoods?
How can or should these new public spaces be laid out?
What do we want these public spaces to look like in twenty years from now?
What are the dreams?


Introduction Saïd Al-Haddad (Master of Ceremony)

Presentation of various projects
cartography of public spaces and urban projects: today & the day after tomorrow
> Yves Rouyet & Elisa Donders (ADT / ATO)

diversity of public and multiple public spaces
> Vincent Calay (ULB -GRAP)

30 years Bonneviepark : an example of participation and much more
> Marie-Claire Migerode (Buurthuis Bonnevie Maison de quartier)

urban development research Ecole de Cirque
> Emilie Humbert (Ecole de Cirque)

objects & patterns
> Benoit Moritz (MS-A) & Els Vande Kerckhove (Something Els)

Anderlecht-Cureghem : sparks in the unfinished city
> Jens Aerts (BUreau voor URbanisme BUUR)

a Pietro in Molenbeek: 5 tracks, 5 colors, "stations" ... walk on, walk on.
> Christophe Mercier (Suède 36)

KANAL International
examples from abroad
> Roeland Dudal (Architecture Workroom Brussels)

KANAL Dreams
From "Porte de Flandre" to “Place du Pont” - Bab Flandria
> Marcel Rijdams (Metamorfose Project Team)

KANAL Créativ
results of an experimental workshop between 5 different people.
Olivia P'tito (member of the Brussels Parliament, PS & local inhabitant) participates, rapports and launches the debate.

Place au débat. Het woord aan het publiek. It's up to U.
Any questions? Any suggestions? Where are the dreams?

The end... or the beginning of the future!
Let's have a drink together.